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Creating and protecting mental and emotional health in the disconnected age of globalism.


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Developing a sustainable, healthy research practice in an age of simultaneous information overload and censorship.


Long Division, A Short Collection of Poetry About Estranged Sisterhood


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Writing Coaching

If you're an entrepreneur struggling to create authentic copy to connect to those you serve, I'm excited to help you!


As a writer myself, I value precision, creativity and voice. From sniffing out the smallest punctuation error to shaping beautiful story arcs, I shepherd fellow writers to perfecting their creations. Let's see if we'd work together well!


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Megan Wildhood

Megan Wildhood is a neurodiverse Christian writer, editor, and writing coach who grew up in the intense sun and snow of Colorado. She believes that freedom of expression is necessary for a society that is not only safe but flourishing for all. As a human who has gone through more than one phoenix-level transformations, she will spend a lifetime turning those ashes into verse, story, essay, but most of all flashlight for her readers and those she works with in her coaching practices. 


She thrives working with entrepreneurs across the spectrum to create authentic copy in all areas of their businesses from emails to transcripts for courses, which often heals, in a gentle, back-door way,  old traumas related to being seen, heard and valued in the process. She pursues relatable instances of big ideas affecting our world in her journalistic nonfiction and gets real about disability, money, politics, and faith in her personal essays. And she helps her readers feel seen in her poems, short stories,  poetry chapbook Long Division (Finishing Line Press, 2017) and upcoming full-length collection with Cornerstone can find a cache of her work on Yes! Magazine, Mad in America, The Sun and, increasingly, less captured media outlets.

About Megan
The truth will set you free but not by letting you go.

Megan Wildhood

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Megan's words are magic and healing...You realize you aren't alone, you were never alone, and that you fit in with everyone because no one really ever "fits in".



She has a way of bringing you to her own emotions and/or memories and helping your brain to make connections that make you more human in the good sense of the word.



Working with Megan felt like freedom...She made sure I was expressing myself clearly to the world, but I didn't have to labor over that when I wrote, she had my back there.



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