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Coaching Services

I help small-business owners and entrepreneurs find, own and hone their voices so they can create authentic copy that aligns with themselves and the audience they want to serve.


Really, I Hear You

You’re a busy entrepreneur creating offerings for the audience you are called to serve. Whether you love writing or hate it, it’s not your main focus of your business, yet you need copy to stay in touch with your audience and reach those you want to. Even if you had the time, you feel stilted or inauthentic when you approach writing.


Maybe you even feel silenced, like you have nothing to say, or like you don’t know how to say what you need to say “correctly.” Even as you know your business needs copy, writing feels like performing or striving for you.

So, How Does It Work?

1.) After an initial conversation where I get to know you, your business and your goals, you send me existing copy and I highlight where I think I hear your voice and where it feels inauthentic. This is a balance between relationship and intuition.

2.) I then draft copy or coach you through writing the copy to get us started for us to work with.

3.) I provide trauma-informed exercises to guide you past whatever rules or constructs you were taught about “correct” writing and into ease and comfort with the written word. From that place, authenticity usually flows.

4.)I provide the option of out-loud readings of your words. Either recorded or live, I provide the option of me reading your work out loud to you so you can hear how someone who isn’t in your head might read your words. While reading your work out loud to yourself will help you catch a lot of mistakes, it’s a whole other level of feedback when someone else reads your work to you: as my AP English teacher my senior year of high school said. “Believe the stumble.”

Why Hire Me?

In addition to the busyness that comes with the many hats of entrepreneurship, the way we teach English in public schools is broken and honestly a little traumatizing: it’s punitive, mechanical and divorced from the process of writing itself. It’s hard to get through high school loving writing if your training was mostly the “thematic essays” where the feedback from your teacher was more about misspellings and “incorrect” ideas.

In addition to having walked this journey from writing what I thought I “should” write to flourishing in authenticity, I have professional training in trauma-informed care, which I bring to all of my work. I’m a writer who did not start finding success in the publishing world or my incredible clients until I started writing in my own voice. Because I’ve had to do the work of alignment in writing, I embody the journey I take my clients on.

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